Farbfelde – Eins

Farbfelde - Eins

Farbfelde – Eins

Having continued to break the PayPal accounts of kosmische devotees the world over throughout 2015, there is no sign yet of the kitchen-based Deep Distance label losing its golden A&R touch as another release-packed year winds towards its end.  This latest vinyl connoisseur offering comes in the form of the debut long-player from the one-man project of British-born and Vienna-based Mahk Rumbae.  Otherwise known for his work as part of Konstruktivists and Oppenheimer MKII, Rumbae’s first physical release as Farbfelde plugs firmly into the meditative retro-futuristic realms of the Deep Distance world.

With three increasingly lengthy compositions spread over its orange-grooved sides Eins goes the long way around, for wordless explorations that fuse together layers of analogue and digital electronics.  The opening “Magnetophon” is certainly the easiest to digest track of the trio; built around a Harmonia-infused rhythm bed and laden with seventies space-age synth strata straight from the Vangelis school of imagined futures.  The ensuing “Seltsam” goes even further into otherworldliness whilst still retaining a sense of accessible connectivity, looping itself inside a Mountains-style dreamy dronescape.  For the side-long closer of “Unterwasser” Rumbae adroitly extends himself over a nearly twenty-minute mélange of Tangerine Dream-like celestial prowling, frantically burbling almost prog-flavoured synths and effects-drenched dystopian disorientation.

Whilst Eins is ultimately preaching to the label’s previously converted faithful, its subtle yet skilfully-assembled vocal-free voyages rank highly alongside other top-drawer Deep Distance newcomer releases across this year from the likes of Xam, Rhododendron and Autumn Of Pækward.  Hopefully, Zwei isn’t too far behind…

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