Debris of Titan – “Anime”

Debris of TItan - On the Home Slope

Debris of TItan – On The Home Slope

Multi-instrumentalists Nova and Fox (that would be Winston and Mike, respectively, in real life) hail from upstate New York, are currently in college, and in their spare time create oddly relaxed, but strangely radiating psychedelic tunes that capture the ear and the imagination.  They’ve been crafting music ever since they became childhood friends and have hit upon an aurally transporting formula of glowing, but laid-back vocal harmonies that are saturated, echoed, and slightly warped and shiny ‘n’ shimmering instrumental accompaniment in the same vein.

Their third album – but the first one under this specific band name – On The Home Slope is slated for release on October 23rd and “Anime” is the first single.  It’s a blissfully off-kilter tune filled with elevated electro washes, languid guitar lines, spongy bass, and a gentle drum beat.  Nova and Fox croon, droop, and swoop dreamily in golden, tiered harmonies about winning a girl over and hoping that she will “…just hold my heart and keep it safe…”.  “Anime” is quite a buoyant and enchanting trip.  Buckle up and enjoy the vibrantly mellow ride.

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