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New single from Norway’s ViseMènn

Norwegian alternative rock band ViseMènn is set to make its mark with the compelling and transporting tune "Begging You Please".  It's the latest single from Helge Corneliussen (vocals, bass), Lars Olav Mangelrød (guitar, backing vocals), Sølve Eggebø (keyboards, backing vocals), and Magnar Lofthus (drums) and a powerful video, directed by Canadian … [Read more...]

New LP from Matt Lande

Singer-songwriter Matt Lande is originally from Florida, but he hit the road early on, playing in bands and recording under a different moniker for a while.  Ultimately, he made the decision to be true to his own self and put his real name out there and his latest album, Glow, will be available on December 1st. On this album Matt gets deeply … [Read more...]

The Velvet Hands – “Games”

Toby Mitchell and Dan Able, the two young - and, it must be said, highly photogenic - blokes at the core of garage-rock band The Velvet Hands, aren’t adverse to sharing the spotlight and the mic on their gritty, but tuneful songs, none more so than on the appealing track “Games”.  Toby (lead vocals, guitar) and Dan (lead guitar, vocals) released a … [Read more...]

New single and EP from Boroughs

Although brand new to Southern California’s Americana scene, Boroughs already sounds like a veteran band and their debut self-titled EP is evidence of this.  Drawing influence from Wilco, Ryan Adam and Neil Young, the band has quickly established their own unique and modern version of the indie-country sound. Due out on December 4, their first … [Read more...]

A Shoreline Dream – The Silent Sunrise

It's taking me more than one listen to The Silent Sunrise to completely appreciate everything going on within it. I'm listening to it right now as I type this review, to the LP's fifth track "Twice Removed", and to the sound of a band that has been together for a decade now and it is showing, in a spectacularly good way. Ten years of writing music … [Read more...]

The Home Current – “Wix” b/w “When Silence Fell Quiet”

Over the past five or so years the Danish-born but now UK-based Martin Jensen has performed a keen supporting and curatorial role during his time as a DJ and through co-running the Second Language label (most notable for his spearheading of the sublime three-part multi-artist Music And Migration series and his remix work for Colleen and Dollboy).  … [Read more...]

New EP from We Are Ardent

We Are Ardent, an alternative rock band hailing from Canada, is gearing up to release its 2nd EP, Bright Shadows From Dark Lights, on November 20.  Brothers Josh (guitar, vocals) and Justin (drums) Brazeau, Kat Kerley (vocals, kalimba), and Matt Dalton (bass) were nominated for 3 Niagara Music Awards in 2014 and on Bright Shadows From Dark Lights … [Read more...]

Spectres – “Spectre” b/w “Bondage” 007″

Bristol’s Spectres certainly never shy away from upending music industry conventions and clichés whilst simultaneously upholding the more enduring yardsticks of their idols.  Whether it be commissioning gory promo videos, reviving the possibilities instead of the pointlessness of remix projects (for a recent 12” and an upcoming full-length … [Read more...]

New EP from Jordan Okrend

NYC-located singer-songwriter/guitarist Jordan Okrend recently released his 3rd EP titled World Keeps Turnin.  He blends several musical genres into his overall sound, including rock, jazz, and blues, and delves deeply into socially-conscious lyrics.  His main instrument is the acoustic guitar and he puts it to good use on World Keeps Turnin, … [Read more...]

New single from Alnilam

LA-based dream-pop band Alnilam takes its name from the middle star in Orion's Belt and it shines brightly on its latest single "Lilac".  The core duo of singer-songwriter Elena Pinto and multi-instrumentalist Serhat Arslan are fleshed out with band members Mark Humphrey, Quinn Dean, and Trevor Martin.  Their debut album, Indigo Sky, is set for … [Read more...]