New album from The Liquorsmiths

TheLiquorsmiths1The Liquorsmiths is a powerfully dynamic folk-rock trio out of San Diego, CA known for their eclectic arrangements, compelling energy, and poetic story-telling lyricism. The band’s style has recently been compared to Wilco meets Delta Spirit meets My Brightest Diamond, but retains a style and musicality all its own. Members hail from across the United States (more specifically: San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and San Diego, CA), pulling from their various backgrounds in perpetuating a presence and experience accessible to most any audience.

The group typically performs as a trio, but frequently features guest appearances by friends and family. Additionally, the group’s frontman, Drew Thams, is also known to perform solo when debuting new material and/or the setting calls for it.

Their new record This Book Belongs To is 6 tracks of elegant and deeply engaging Wilco-flavored Americana. Profoundly emotional and incredibly sincere there is a sense of raw passion behind what The Liquorsmiths do that you find in far too few modern folk acts. This Book Belongs To is released through Inhesion Records.