Recent album from Broken Guru

NYC-native trio Broken Guru recently released its 60’s-inspired, garage-rock/psych-rock album entitled Bent Up Halo.  The three lifelong friends of Rich Guerzon, Ray Fiero and Christy Fiero come from Forest Hills, Queens.  Fueled by the passion for the arts, it has been a long, natural progression of creative, collaborative efforts that led to the finely tuned, rockin’, but laid-back tunes on Broken Guru’s debut album. Born in the outskirts of NYC these native New Yorkers have expressed a sound straight from their guts. There are no auto tune effects or over produced recordings captured on Bent Up Halo. What you see is what you get, and that’s a whole lot of honest, creative spirit with zero tolerance for any kind of restrictions. There are no rules or laws when Broken Guru is in its moment, as evident in Guerzon’s truly unique style of guitar playing that has to be seen to be understood. When it comes to writing, performing and recording, the band members listen to their hearts, and they bare it all for all to see.

track 01: Plight of Imemine
track 02 28 Cents
track 03: Monster Inside
track 04: Got to be Mean
track 05: Tryin
track 06: Half Awake
track 07: Bent Up Halo
track 08: Behind the Mouth
track 09 My Universe
track 10 Gimme More
track 11: Ghost
track 12 Like a Whore
track 13: In The Clouds