Interview with Maff



Hi guys!  Wow, I’m really enjoying the massive, abrasive distorted guitar sound that runs through many of the songs on your new self-titled EP.  Before we go into EP details, can you please list who’s in the band, what instruments you play, and when you all got together as Maff?

Hi Jen!  First of all, thanks for this interview; we really appreciate it.

Maff are:

Richi Gómez – Founder of Maff (2012) – vocals, bass, guitar

Nek Colombres – Founder of Maff (2012) – drums

Martín Colombres – Nek’s younger brother (joined in 2014) – guitar

Talo Correa – Joined Maff early 2015 – guitar, bass, vocals, synth

When will your EP be officially released and what record label is it on?

It will be released on July 6 of this year. We are not on any label; we recorded the EP in our home studio, “The Lab”. This was very important because it gave us the freedom needed in order to achieve something we liked. After that, we asked for some help for the mixing and mastering stage. So basically, it was a kind of a DIY project.

Your EP is stylistically diverse, incorporating elements of shoegaze, dream-rock, and noise-rock, among other genres.  It’s also packed to the max with 8 songs!  Why did you decide to release your output as an EP and not an album?

We decided that it would be better to work on a couple of EPs first in order to grow as a band before making our first LP. We just started working on new material that hopefully will see the light during the second half of this year; at least a couple of songs will be released.

What bands inspired the wall-of-guitar sound on tracks like “You” and “Linger Around”?

Well, it’s all our main influences that come across on the whole EP.  Among them you may find the Pixies, the Jesus and the Mary Chain, Sigur Ros, Sonic Youth, Ride, The Beatles, The Clash, the Ramones, and many others… The list is huge.

The engaging, change-of-pace “Someday” is a sweet and slower duet.  Who sings with you on this track? 

Thanks!  On that particular song there appears a very good friend of Richi’s; Francisca Morandé. She is a self-taught local singer and she has a great voice.

I want to call “Planet Wave” your dream-punk number because it’s so sonically propulsive and vocally aggressive with all that shouting going on!  Would you say that certain punk songs or attitude sparked this song?

More than any musical style, punk has always been present in Maff members’ lives. For instance, since childhood Richi and Nek had played in local punk rock bands. “Planet Wave”’s spark comes from the need for a moment where you are just honest and where you can let go of yourself –  isn’t that what punk is about?

Maff - Maff EP

Maff – Maff EP

You’re based in Santiago, Chile, which is a hotbed for shoegaze/dream-pop/rock bands.  I’ve heard that you’re trying to bring together all the bands that play this type of music; to create a musical hub in Santiago, if you will, where artists can connect and exchange ideas and promote each other.  That seems like a pretty challenging task!  How is it going so far?

We are glad you mentioned it. It’s a project that Richi and Talo have started in parallel with Maff; it’s still in a “beta” stage. The hub is called “inXsitu”.

It is challenging, indeed, but there is also a very interesting alternative scene and a lot of talented bands here in Santiago. We have posted ads in a couple of local blogs and we are surprised with the amount of people just waiting for an opportunity to be heard. Last Tuesday, July 30, was the kick- off of inXsitu and it was most interesting. The future looks very bright for this project.

Was it a difficult decision to decide to sing your lyrics in English instead of Spanish?  Did you feel you would have more of a global reach by singing in English?

Not at all; it wasn’t a difficult decision. We are very conscious that English is a global language and our goal is to be able to reach everyone anywhere.

What does your band name mean?  Is it a Spanish word or is it an acronym?

The name “Maff” comes from the combination of two things:

1.  A tribute to the legendary “big muff” effect pedal that is present in the signal chain of most of our band mates.

2.  Changing the “U” for an “A” which represents a triangle that stands for harmony, divinity, and proportion (Elements that we look when it comes to our composition.).

What are some of the themes that you touch upon on the EP?  Do you have a favorite song off the EP, either because of its lyrics or its sonics?

It is hard to pick one favorite song. Each one has a different and unique flavor in its own way. There is a wide selection of genres into this EP; we love all of them or otherwise it wouldn’t be part of the track list.  Some of the themes we explored involve innocence, mysticism, true love, loss, drugs, freedom, and timelessness.

Lastly, can you please list your official site(s) where we can listen to and purchase your EP and find out more about you?

We’ve been working hard on trying to cover most of the big sites over the Internet.  The main ones are:

Official Site / Facebook  / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter