Far Beyond The Sunrise – S/T EP

Far Beyond the Sunrise (s/t)

Far Beyond The Sunrise (S/T EP)

Far Beyond The Sunrise released its full-length album, Oppressor, in 2014. Now comes a self-titled five-track EP from the band. This Bellmawr, New Jersey five-piece band play big-money metalcore.

Far Beyond The Sunrise has high production values. Kick drums punctuate all five songs in thick, black ink. The crisp guitar distortion on the low end allows the stuttering riffs to articulate clearly; the guitar never competes with Far Beyond the Sunrise’s considerable rhythm section. The first time this EP got my attention was during “Empty Vessels.” As the song juts toward its final minute, vocalist Josh Frazier intones, “We’re all the same,” and then the guitar rotates into a fresh, inspired riff as Frazier screams, “Can you feel the weight of it crushing you?” And for the outro, the riffing drops into a window-rattling breakdown. One thing the band does especially well on this track is employ a layered two-track vocal approach.

On this EP, Far Beyond The Sunrise incorporates very few clean sections. “Atychiphobia” has only a moment in which the metal distortion drops out and the vocal suspends its persistently raging urgency. “Two Faced” delivers much more melody. Nearly two and a half minutes in, the song steers into a passage reminiscent of some of Metallica’s better musical interludes. But that passage is soon forgotten in the quake of yet another breakdown.

The pummel onĀ Far Beyond The Sunrise at first sounds vigorously punctual, but the music can wear quickly. There are only five songs on this EP, but during casual listening it feels almost like the same song playing over and over. From one to done, the riffs comprise one guitar hammering and tapping off a mid-range lead as a second guitar chugs away, often on a single note.

Far Beyond The Sunrise is doubtlessly a hard-hitting EP. If it’s molar-busting metalcore breakdowns you’re after, look no further.

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