New album from Nic Nassuet


Nic Nassuet‘s new album Eleutherios, a unique gothic folk record that will guide you through dark worlds with powerful lyrics and beautiful soundscapes.  The minor key cries of Nic Nassuet are ballads to a world that has left so many forgotten.  Using violins and female vocals to compliment his own mournful singing and acoustic guitar balladry, Nic Nassuet is crafting unique gothic rock that falls within the tradition of guys like Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. A fitting addition to the pantheon, Eleutherios sees Nic Nassuet coming into his own as a veritable musical force.

Award winning singer/songwriter Nic Nassuet has had a long history with music and the dynamic dramatics that truly pull a listener right to the speakers. Practically raised on-stage; he’s starred in challenging and pivotal roles in critically-acclaimed musicals like Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Terry Connor in Side Show, and the original rock-musical Doomsday Cabaret. His stage presence and powerful voice echoed his passion and dedication to his craft.

Combining his natural talent for vibrant, dramatic performance with his love of music, Nic Nassuet went on to be the front-man for several metal and punk bands before eventually going his own creative route. Drawing on his life-experience Nassuet’s music often finds itself rooted in the dark, mysterious & melodic. He makes music that perfectly captures the despair and hope in our humanity, and communicates it flawlessly through the strength of conviction in his voice and energetic connection with audiences.

With word spreading about his unique hybrid of acoustic music, Nic’s fan-base has grown quickly. Combining elements of traditional celtic-music, blues, rock, grunge, folk, punk, and gothic rock; Nassuet has continued to make music that is full of genuine emotion and darkly-sweet authenticity.