New compilation from DulceSky


‘Spies of the System: 03-14’ -DulceSky Celebrates 11 Years of Audio Releases

DulceSky, the American dream-rock, shoegazer-influenced band with Chilean roots has been creating distinctive, dynamic, melodic music since its inception in 2002 by founder and frontman Oliver Valenzuela. The band’s sonically-involving, lyrically thought-provoking, memorable songs transport the listener through vast panoramas of sound. Gloriously ringing to gritty guitar lines from Oliver and Brett Kocherhans sweep to the expansive skies above while propulsive bass from Oliver’s brother Daniel Valenzuela and kinetic drum-work from Mitchell Razon plunge into the deep oceans below. Oliver sings in a mellifluous, contemplative tone that contrasts with and provides a respite from the dramatic guitar and drum turmoil.

DulceSky has released three EPs, two albums (captivating debut Lands and invigorating follow-up Invisible Empire), and a demos/rarities compilation. After going on occasional hiatus between 2012 and 2014 due to familial obligations and other factors, Oliver, Daniel, Mitchell, and Brett have reconnected and, with reenergized focus, they are looking forward to the future and the infinite possibilities that can exist in their music. DulceSky is set to release Spies of the System: 03 – 14, a retrospective compilation album that spotlights the best songs from DulceSky’s musical history.  A new DulceSky album is also in the works and slated for release later this year.

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