Stream EP from Philippines-based instrumental rock band The Insektlife Cycle

With members hailing from the local underground METAL scene. It’s a bit hard to comprehend that this gem of a band came from the same people who brought us some of the most hurtful & heaviest music on this side of the world. The Vivo brothers are the main masterminds behind HATEURE (progressive/math metal), while Jay & Joy are from politico/death metal group BARABBAS.

The Insektlife Cycle started out as a side project for the Vivo brothers as breathing space from the jarring juggernaut that is HATEURE and they decided to add Legason & Jumawan into the group as bassist & guitarist.

Veering towards a more textured and soft direction The Insektlife Cycle’s music is a full on head-bob-fest. Trippy guitars, slinky bass playing, and upbeat, often times happy, drumming are a staple. Every instrument is voice in this band, mostly doing instrumental pieces, once in a while Legason’s voice could be heard for a few lines, not as a whole song, but just enough
to convey the songs gist and feel.