Owen Tromans – “No Heart” b/w “Memory Girl”

Owen Tromans - "No Heart" / "Memory Girl" / "The Raven King" 7" EP

Owen Tromans – “No Heart” b/w “Memory Girl” /

Owen Tromans’ uninhibited less album-led routes of recent times have served him well.  For although last year’s The Golden Margins was no slouch of a long-player, his more short-form wares since 2009’s The Fall Of Acre album have freed-up his muse somewhat.  Across a sublime split 7″ with Wooden Wand, the sprawling “Long Now” download single, a side-project collaboration cassette with Savaging Spires under the Candles alias and the highly-crafted For Haden EP, Tromans has scattered a playful and pensive breadcrumb trail that celebrates a ‘less is more’ approach.  And here’s another link in the chain, in the form of an extremely limited lathe-cut 7” and digital package.

Beautifully enveloped by the design skills of Alex Hornsby (one of Tromans’ Critical Heights label co-founders), the two main tracks on the 7″ provide a relative curveball statement, leaning more heavily on their author’s love of seminal ’90s US leftfield-rock than his more pastoral suburbanite balladeer side.  Ostensible A-side “No Heart” therefore fuses the drum patterns from Sonic Youth’s “Dirty Boots” to a Sebadoh-like scratchy strut, interspersed with languid interludes and concluded with a careening coda.  The flipside of “Memory Girl” unfurls with a lengthy electro-acoustic instrumental intro imagining Buffalo Tom jamming with Come, before dropping down into an early-Karate indebted vocal-led passage towards its finale.  A third download-only song – “The Raven King” – occupies perhaps more regular latter-day Tromans terrain, being an unplugged folk cover which reminds of us of his fixation for antiquarian anglicised mysticism that’s more 1590s than 1990s. Contrastingly, a further bonus digital track (accessible only via a coupon code with the vinyl) almost takes us off planet Tromans entirely with a glitch-mashed remix of “No Heart” by Hairy Hands.

With only a handful of physical copies left at time of writing this is destined to become one of the rarest Owen Tromans artefacts.  Vinyl fetishism aside though, the angular yet charming contents cut into its grooves and coded in its supplementary material are a more than worthy addition to its creator’s circuitous canon.

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