Bleak/Sovereign – split EP

Bleak/Sovereign - Split EP

Bleak/Sovereign – Split EP

Although the implosion is impressive, “Princip” turns into an overlong event marked by heavy dust and smoke. After the song’s obligatory creepy opening audio clip, harmonics herald a wrecking ball of distortion on a Kong-stomp beat. Once this song’s initial metal-breakdown business wears thin, we hear some variations and another audio clip. Then back to the wrecking ball. But that stomp no longer threatens us like it once did.

“Princip” is by Bleak from Blasphemour Records. On this split EP, Bleak teams up with Pennsylvania hardcore band Sovereign. While I don’t hear anything fresh from either band on this three-song EP, Sovereign can feel pretty good about its two contributions, “Get Killed” and “Eunuch.” “Get Killed” has the better breakdown, but “Eunuch” is the superior song–it will move the audience. It survives largely because it opens with a rhythm that has always worked well in hardcore. And the band employs such tried-and-true methods and rhythms until the song’s end. As influences, Sovereign cites Cursed, His Hero is Gone, Converge, Incendiary, and Harms Way, but I’d go back further into hardcore’s history.

I enjoyed this EP. Bleak brings the metal, and Sovereign comes with hardcore. The sounds are not fresh, but there is a raw talent within these bands. Within Sovereign, more so.

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