Mark Maze – Uncomfortable Truths

Mark Maze - Uncomfortable Truths

Mark Maze – Uncomfortable Truths

Self-described ‘urban electric pop’ singer-songwriter Mark Maze grew up in a rough neighborhood on the fringes of Leicester, England, and his experiences there spurred him to focus on bettering his life.  He was influenced by artists who pushed the idea that anything was possible and, holding onto that idea, he joined a 6-member R’n’B vocal group in the hopes of breaking free from his old life to create the music he was interested in.  Mark found record label management to be too controlling and decided to be true to himself and make a go of it on his own.  He now calls London his home and released his debut album, Uncomfortable Truths, earlier this year.

On the 9-song album, Mark mixes his heartfelt, vulnerable lyrics and polished, soulful vocal delivery with grittier dance-pop sonics.  His smooth, but emotionally conflicted vocal technique could rival any of the male pop singers at the top of the charts today.  Mark opens the album with standout song “The Devil May Cry”, an a-Maze-ing amalgam of piano ballad and dance-pop track topped with his vivid lyrics and emotionally anxious vocal delivery.  The tempo alternates between a measured pace of just piano notes and Mark’s vocals and a sweeping club beat that ups the amps of the tune.  Hot chills can be felt when Mark drops into a coolly sultry tone to ask “Are you a saint or a sinner?”

Second song “2nd Best” should be #1, if only for a moment, in the clubs.  It starts off with a fast-ticking beat and Mark’s hushed, but clear vocals then moves with a stop ‘n’ go groove as Mark assertively exclaims “Don’t give me second best / ‘cause you know I’m better…” against short bursts of shimmering synths, guitars, and a flat-smacked beat.  “Get Gone” is an upbeat rock-pop rallying call for a toxic person to “get gone” because, as Mark explains emphatically, “I have overcome my fears / I’d rather be alone / than for me to have you near…”.  It’s filled to the brim with brisk guitar lines, squiggly electronics, clapping percussion, and a pronounced beat.

The more electro-ambient “Robot Eyes” calms down the pace with a muffled handclap beat and intermittent spacy zips and blips.  Mark is still in emotional turmoil however, bemoaning the fact that “Robot eyes / tell me lies / I see you’re dead inside…”.  Mark channels the King of Pop to thrilling effect on the catchy, staccato number “Get Ya Back Up”.  His vocals are ardent and trembling and he glides quickly through certain words in the exact manner of Michael Jackson.  He stirs it up sensually as he proclaims, “I like the way you move / I want to take you dancin’ in the dark / so you can feel the beating of my heart.” amid a swift beat, crisp guitar motif, and fitful cracking glass and electronic pocking noises.

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