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Nick de la Hoyde

Hey there, Nick!  It’s so cool to get the chance to touch base with you and find out what you’re up to these days.  I’m smitten with your single “The Longest Way” and wanted to see what you have planned for the rest of 2015.  Will you be dropping a debut album anytime soon?  Or more singles or an EP?

Hey Jen, I am really glad you liked my single “The Longest Way”!  I’m hoping for a big year this year as I have been spending all of my time either writing or getting things down in the studio. You can expect to see/hear a new single around June this year.

I’d like to rewind for a bit and go over your background and how you got involved in the music biz.  From what I understand, your home base is Sydney, Australia.  Did a career in the music field ever cross your mind as you were growing up in Sydney? 

To be honest I had never thought about a music career. I was always around music because of my brothers and dad, but I had never actually thought I had a place in the business.  It took a lot more for me to realize it could happen.

Between the ages of 15 to 19 you lived in Barcelona, Spain, training to be a soccer player.  How did that come about?  Were you playing soccer in High School and recruited by a talent scout?

My dream as a teen was to be a professional football player.  I was playing in the representative teams and moving up in the ranks each year.  It was through an amazing opportunity that I was able to head to Barcelona and have the chance to show my skills over there.

During this time period you started writing lyrics and song compositions and recording them over instrumentals and modern hit songs.  What is the inspiration behind your awesome combo style of rapping and singing?

I honestly believe that even though I moved to Barcelona to play football, it wasn’t what I was moving for; it was the pathway I needed to take in order for me to find my way in music.  It all started with my state of mind and how I was feeling.  With being away from my family and all my friends, it took its toll over time.  I just originally started to write my emotions down on paper; after a while I had the urge to turn them into rhymes; after the realization of this and the way I felt when doing it, I knew right then and there that’s what I wanted to do.

How hard, or easy, is it for you to rap your super-fast lyrics so smoothly?  You’ve got such a precise, clear, and fluid spoken word style that’s a joy to listen to!  Who are your fave rap/hip-hop artists and are you trying to emulate any of them when you rap?

When I began rapping and making music, I honestly couldn’t stop myself from doing it. I dreamt about it, woke up thinking about it, and the times I was away from it I would be thinking what I’d be doing if I was doing it, haha.  I put so much hard work into my writing and being able to get my message across. After time it all just came naturally; I could rap and sing from the top of my head as if it was already written.  My favorite artists would have to be Macklemore, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Linkin Park, and Mac Miller.  I’d like to think away from all of these artists I have my own style and I have never thought about sounding or being like them, but I do aspire to the success they have.

Your singing method is also butter-smooth, where you lift your words into airy, wistful, Boy Band-like croons.  Who are your fave musical artists that inspired your singing vocal delivery?

It took me a while to even know that I could sing; I always established myself as a rapper. In ways of practicing I would try and rap with a melody. Soon, after constant practice, I was able to find my voice.  I would have to say my vocal inspiration came from Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.  Both of their vocals are incredible; they can hit any note whether high or low and they can do it at any pace.

There are so many musical genres out there these days and sometimes it’s difficult to pick accurate descriptors.  Would you tag your music as rap, hip-hop, hip-pop, and/or pop? 

I think I would have to label my music as Hip-Hop/Pop. I tend to write hip-hop verses with a poppy chorus to hopefully hook the person listening.

Rap’s gotten a bad rap over the years, with its focus on bling and boasting, but you keep it real and stay humble with your insightful and introspective lyrics.  Does it make you nervous to put out exactly what’s in your heart and mind for all the listeners to hear?

To be honest it has never even crossed my mind.  Music is all about emotion in my opinion. It’s about getting things off your chest and hopefully giving other people in the world something to relate to.  Whether it’s a happy or sad song, people want to be able to feel it and relate to it.  If I had nothing to write I wouldn’t be doing all of this music stuff.  The moment I feel I’m forcing words on a piece of paper will be my last day.


You’re music career has really taken off since you were ‘discovered’ by Chicago-based über-producer Lemoyne “LA” Alexander.  Can you drop some details on how he found out about you and what it’s been like working with him?

It was a great opportunity working with “LA”.  The day we flew to Chicago everything felt like it was meant to be. He’s an awesome guy with so much experience and knowledge about the industry and music itself.  It was from hard work and time in the studio where we were able to get down the single “The Longest Way”.

Where are you located these days?  Are you staying in the USA to work on your music or are you residing in Sydney?

At the moment I am currently in Sydney, but I am hoping to get things rolling in the States, which hopefully soon may lead me to move there.

Out of all the ‘mash-up’ recordings that you’ve done which song or artist stands out the most for you?  I’m partial to “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey with your deeply perceptive lyrics “One chance, one life, never miss this / ‘cause it’s all gonna happen so fast / the one life you have will be gone in a flash / so make the most of every day you be livin’…”

The standouts from my YouTube videos would have to be “Summertime Sadness’” And “Ride” By Somo.  I was in a pretty emotional state of mind when writing these and felt every word when I spoke them.

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