bitter’s kiss – “No One Will”

bitter's kiss - bitter's kiss

bitter’s kiss – bitter’s kiss

Bitter’s kiss is the lyrics-driven indie-pop alias of New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Chloe Baker who, along with help from her father, Michael Baker, self-released her eponymous 8-song debut album at the end of March.  Chloe has garnered over 10K Likes on Facebook and her video for “The Rope” has been viewed on YouTube over 130K times.  Not too shabby for someone in her teens who recorded and produced her album with her father in his own studio.  Chloe wrote all her songs, sings, and plays guitar and piano on the tracks.  Michael added input on guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

The songs on bitter’s kiss are lightly produced (as opposed to highly polished) and couched in low-key guitar strum, drum beat, and piano notes that provide a backdrop for Chloe’s sweetly airy, clearly intoned vocals and introspective, perceptive lyrics.  While her words aren’t exactly bitter, many times what she has observed and/or experienced is bleak or challenging in nature, and she chronicles her conflicted feelings via her songs.  The emotionally mature content of her words belies her young age as she sings about time passing too fast, the need to find meaning in life, and the possibility of never being loved.

Chloe’s words and her voice are the draws of bitter’s kiss.  The title track is lyrically compelling with Chloe juxtaposing opposing feelings, like love and hate, to interesting effect.  Her vocals, however, err on the too-cloying side as she continually trills in a high register, sighing tone.  There is a theatrical flair to the expressiveness of her vocal delivery where she pushes her words out and up at the ends of phrases, and it’s no wonder, since she has studied musical theater.

Chloe gets the balance right on the sonically unassuming, but thought-provoking “No One Will”.  She blends the sweet and the bitter in equal measure, bolstering the sound with two strummed guitars, light bass line, a jaunty drum beat pace, and even pulled violins.  The swinging sway of her short-phrase vocal melodies is delightful and leaven the seriousness of her lyrics.  Chloe takes on the viewpoint of someone who hasn’t experienced love yet – an emotional tabula rasa who raises the age-old question: Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?  She prettily sings about the bad and the good sides of not being in a relationship; that “No one will ever kiss me / No one will ever miss me” and “No one will ever hurt me / No one will ever desert me”.  She’s making a quite a statement with her lyrics on this song, and that, coupled with her charming vocal delivery and fuller instrumentation, make “No One Will” memorable.

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