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Short Takes on 4 Songs

Nick de la Hoyde – “The Longest Way” Nick de la Hoyde is a fresh self-starter from Sydney, Australia who’s breaking into the hip-pop world with the sleek, engaging song-rap “The Longest Way”.  Before him music career blasted off, Nick lived for four years in Barcelona, Spain training to become a soccer player.  As a way to vent his frustrations … [Read more...]

New Album from Swedish hip-hop/indie pop trio Blänk

Photo Credit: Albin HolmqvistCombining lyrics about self-discovery and life’s complexities with their unique mashing of genres from Indie Pop to Hip Hop, Swedish trio Blänk already has a track record of independent success. Now they are back with a series of releases, including their first single in almost three years, ”Tears Run Dry,” and the … [Read more...]

FIGHTCAST – Siamesian

Metal fan? Try "The Good Tyrant," the tenth track on Siamesian. The riffs on this song are mature, the leads are shameless, the vocals don't grate, and the rhythm punches. I think this is the best offering on FIGHTCAST's new full-length. Sadly, most of the album only sounds half as good. On Siamesian, this inconsistent Italian band often … [Read more...]

New EP from L.A.-based singer-songwriter Vince Grant

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Vince Grant is the rare musician who openly addresses his depression and mental illness by diving deeply into his experiences on his heartfelt and rousing debut EP, My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me.  For Vince, songs such as lead single “Melancholia” serve as both a revealing personal journal and a form … [Read more...]

Ghost Bath – Moonlover

North Dakota's Ghost Bath are certainly one of the more intriguing bands around today.  Their unique take on black metal is unlike anything you have heard.  Moonlover is their second full length on Northern Silence and is easily one of the most anticipated releases this year. If you are already acclimated with Ghost Bath's previous release, … [Read more...]

Port Erin – Floating Above The City

After a year or two honing their sound and musicianship on the live circuit since 2012's Wheel Inside A Wheel, west of England festival regulars Port Erin are presenting us now with an accomplished and tightly-performed third album. Whilst the band themselves quote influences such as Talking Heads, XTC, Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, they have … [Read more...]

The Great Pop Supplement 7″ x 3 (Snails, Mike & Cara Gangloff and The Hanging Stars)

Whilst vinyl-only label entrepreneur Dom Martin’s primary focus has shifted somewhat of late to his trailblazing Krautrock-driven Deep Distance imprint (as exemplified by three terrific 10” EPs recently reviewed on these very pages), the fires of parent/elder sibling label - The Great Pop Supplement of course - are still being stoked for when the … [Read more...]

ATP Iceland Music Fest – July 2nd – 4th

PUBLIC ENEMY, SWANS, LIGHTNING BOLT, BARDO POND AND MORE ADDED TO ATP ICELAND 2015 LINEUP CAMPING PACKAGES & TICKET DEPOSIT SCHEME NOW AVAILABLE All Tomorrow's Parties are thrilled to announce the new line-up additions for the third edition of ATP Iceland festival in 2015, held at the former US Air Force base Ásbrú in Keflavík near … [Read more...]

Nicole Atkins – “The Tower”

I trust that by now in my life I have witnessed enough home-grown prodigies to recognize one when I see one.  Please watch Nicole Atkins's acoustic rendition of "The Tower".  She is accompanied here by an incredible slide guitarist, and it is filmed on Brooklyn’s East River: Then, go see her perform it live, and compare the dynamic range of … [Read more...]

New Single from LA-based urban-pop duo Voxx

  Voxx is an LA-based Pop music duo, recently formed by Kris Collins and Elias. Their unique urban/pop fusion gives their debut single "Hum Dilly Dum" its edgy and creative flavor. It is, without a doubt a catchy record that's guaranteed to have you hooked after first verse and asking for the repeat button … [Read more...]