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Upcoming Album from rock band Grown Up Avenger Stuff

What’s so special about the indie rock quartet Grown Up Avenger Stuff? Maybe it’s that even in the darkest, most intense moments, a hidden smile lurks and sonically and emotionally touches your heart in a way that makes you feel happy to be alive and good about who you are. In the meantime, the music is purely designed to get your heart pumping, … [Read more...]

Maud The Moth – The Inner Wastelands

One glance at the CD sleeve of The Inner Wastelands, the second album from this Spanish-born musician, could lead the viewer to expect all manner of strangeness contained within. Certainly, its title seems to belong to a quite different record than the poised, musically complex and less quirky than you might expect album that it is. Which isn't to … [Read more...]

Cobi Mike of Gentlemen Hall goes solo with new EP

Cobi Mike's recent decision to leave Gentlemen Hall (Island Records) to release his first solo project arose from his desire to rediscover his voice and share his personal message. In 2008, the singer-songwriter helped form the unique Boston musical collective. Gentlemen Hall quickly catapulted to success, being awarded a MTV Video Music Award in … [Read more...]

Colleen – Captain Of None

Having made such an assured step forward with 2013’s The Weighing Of The Heart on Second Language, it was perhaps inevitable that a larger and more globally-reaching label such as Thrill Jockey would sign up Cécile Schott (AKA Colleen) for this sequel set.  Paradoxically, despite such a leg-up, Captain Of None is a far more elusive affair.  Whereas … [Read more...]

New Album from vintage Americana trio Echo Sparks

The vintage Americana band from Orange County, California, Echo Sparks, was started by DA Valdez (a member of The Pontiac Brothers). He formed the band as an outlet for his original songs. He’s joined by vocalist CC Kinnick and bass player Cindy Ballreich and the trio have been performing their signature brand of ‘Sounds of the New Old West’ all … [Read more...]

Album from post-rock instrumental band Whale Fall

Whale Fall is a post-rock instrumental band located in L.A. Formed in 2008, the five-piece, whose name derives from the biological process by which a decaying whale carcass becomes the host for a new sea life community, has quickly established a dedicated fan base who have embraced the band's dynamic live sound.  Whale Fall released its eponymous … [Read more...]

P60 – Models

With a few notable exceptions, past releases on the hive-minded Second Language label have tended to veer towards the bucolic side of psychogeographical exploration.  Yet whilst this has served us well over the last six or so years, 2015’s planned spread of wares promises to push more urban and electronically-inclined artists to the fore.  If this … [Read more...]

Album from hard rock band Attik Door out now

Emerging in early 2011, Attik Door encompasses variety of musical styles to create a unique rock/alternative feel. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists from Led Zeppelin and System of a Down to Sade and Black Eyed Peas, the band members forge a unique sound that balances an equal measure of melodic and heavy riffs, along with … [Read more...]

Quaaludes – s/t

Quaaludes are an all-girl punk act whose spiritual roots reach back past Bikini Kill all the way to The X-Ray Spex. Loud, melodic, and prone to infectious hissy-fits, they won my heart the very first time I saw them play live. It was at 924 Gilman, with about twelve other people, none of whom were as enthused as I about their set. I was almost in … [Read more...]

Interview with 1984

Salut Etienne!  It’s a joy to be chatting with and to find out the latest about your band 1984.  You recently released an engaging EP titled Night Phases.  How does it differ in theme and tone from your last album Influenza, which was feverish and infectious (both in a good way!)? Hi Jen!  Our EP differs quite a lot from Influenza. You're right; … [Read more...]