Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival 30-song Album due in February

Featured bands:  //orangenoise (Pakistan) / Sounds of Sputnik (Russia) / The Yours (Hong Kong) / Trementina (Chile) / Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine) / Digilite (Indonesia) / Jaguwar (Germany) / Stellarscope (USA) / Spool (Japan) / Wozniak (Scotland) / Ether Feels (Japan) / Hideous Towns (Australia) / Lights That Change (Wales, UK) / Damascus (Indonesia) / Weird. (Italy) / Hermetic Delight (France) / Rev Rev Rev (Italy) / The Evening Primrose (Hong Kong) / Stella Diana (Italy) / Seaside (Indonesia) / Blood Lips (UK) / Magao (Japan) / Clustersun (Italy) / Duelectrum (Brazil) / Intenna (Indonesia) / Robsongs (Brazil) / Slow Motion Picture (USA) / Thud (Hong Kong) / Sharesprings (Indonesia) / Puna (Peru)

releases 11 February 2015Released by both Ear to Ear Records (UK) and Gerpfast Kolektif (Indonesia). Curated by Shauna McLarnon and Marc Joy for Ear to Ear Records, as well as Aditya Pandu Wijaya (Pandu) and Mochamad Romadhon Febriarianto (Ari) for Gerpfast Kolektif.

Advisors include Matthew Bedford (Muso Planet), Peter Andriaan Walandouw (Indonesian Shoegazer), Del Chaney (Primal Radio Show / Primal Music Blog) and Pedro Damian (Shoegazer Alive).

Compilation teaser prepared by Greg Wilson of DKFM Shoegaze Radio

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