Fake Chapter record label founder releases Sex, Drugs & Cubicles book


Fake Chapter label head releases Sex, Drugs and Cubicles book about the pitfalls of the music industry

Fake Chapter Records founder Michael Gilligan has released a new book, Sex, Drugs and Cubicles, compiling insider tales about the “music trinity of money, greed and stupidity” experienced over a lifetime in the music industry.

Gilligan started the New Jersey label Fake Chapter at the age of 18, and his work experience also includes over a decade at Sony Music and such indie labels as Matador and Gig Records.

Along with contributions from recording artists and other industry insiders, Sex, Drugs and Cubicles explores breaking into the music industry, how quickly the industry changes objectives, and the madness of the corporate business model.

Highlights include tales of Gilligan’s disastrous stint at the money-hemorrhaging Gig Records, details about how the byzantine world of royalty payments actually works, and a diary from Miles Hunt of the legendary British indie rock band the Wonder Stuff.

Sex, Drugs and Cubicles is available at Fake Chapter.