Brandt and Matt Huseman release Album as The Stereo Twins

Indie rock and power pop veterans, Brandt and Matt Huseman, continue their lifelong musical partnership with the dramatic, dynamic and diverse, Good News. After seven albums together in the ’90s and early 2000’s as members of The Greenberry Woods and Splitsville, the Baltimore-raised brothers devoted the last decade to exploring musical terrain separately — Brandt with the Americana-leaning, The Pale Stars, and Matt with the progressive pop outfit, Able Archer.
While enjoying their musical independence, the Husemans’ desire to work together remained strong throughout the years. Finding inspiration in a thematic concept from their friend, John Hanley, the boys enthusiastically picked up their guitars and pens once more in 2011 to begin the four-year journey of writing and producing the album.
The Stereo Twins - Good News

The Stereo Twins – Good News

Good News represents the first Huseman-related project to feature Brandt and Matt covering all the vocals and most of the instruments (along with a helping hand from former Splitsville member, Paul Krysiak, on several tracks). The album delivers everything you would want and expect from a Huseman Brothers’ collaboration — irresistible pop hooks, inventive arrangements, clever lyrics, and soaring vocals. Looking for some good news to brighten your day? It’s waiting for you, right here, with Good News by The Stereo Twins.