Alt-folk/indie rock band Waterfall Wash releases debut EP in January

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Waterfall Wash is a quirky, catchy mesh of folk, gospel and indie rock. The five-piece lets steel guitar and autoharp coexist alongside colorful layers of synthesizer, glockenspiel, and three-part vocal harmonies. Waterfall Wash lands in the spectrum of Big Star, Local Natives, and Talking Heads.
“Visions”With a nod to Chicago’s indie jazz scene, Waterfall Wash’s live show experiments with alternate arrangements, keeping the audience guessing. The band has opened for indie folk powerhouse Lord Huron, as well as Bonnaroo standouts EL EL, Kansas Bible Company, and Ranch Ghost. Following a performance at the East Nashville Underground festival, No Country For New Nashville noted Waterfall Wash have “consistently impressed, showcased a dynamic and ever-expanding range, and have matured into one of the best up and coming live acts in town.”

Waterfall Wash - Foreign Chords EP

Waterfall Wash – Foreign Chords EP

Waterfall Wash will release their debut EP Foreign Chords on January 27th, 2015.