The See See – Once, Forever And Again

The See See - Once, Forever And Again

The See See – Once, Forever And Again

Having been treated to such a gratifying and career-boosting ‘story so far’ celebration with Sundazed’s highly-recommended singles-led Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights anthology earlier in this year, The See See’s third proper studio album comes loaded and primed with a sturdier sense of collective confidence as well as signs of greater studio prowess.  Perhaps less encumbered by the need to establish a group identity and hone a nascent sound, Once, Forever And Again just gets straight on with rounding-up and fusing together a solid batch of full-bodied melodies and diverse aesthetics into a satisfying whole.

Hence, this is a long-player that shifts dynamically throughout.  Whilst the mid-to-late ‘60s retro trappings that no doubt attracted the predominantly heritage-slanted Sundazed to release the group’s wares in the US remain in place, the material gathered within Once, Forever And Again more regularly transcends them.  Thus, there are plenty of nuggety fast-paced jangle-rock reveries that propel the collection forward, with the chiming “The Evil Clutch Of Dawn,” the organ-and-string-adorned “Featherman” and the harmony-coated “Over & Under” being the highlights.  Elsewhere and in-between, there is greater space for deeper darker grooves (on the garage-rocking “Let Me Be The One (For You To Love)” and “Mary Anne”), dreamier bliss-outs (across “400 Miles” and “Sun Arrows”), more complex vocal interplay (inside “The Rain And The Snow”) and ambitious psyche-rock journeying (over “Song For Billy Nova”).

Whilst there are a few less distinctive pieces that could perhaps have been put aside to make for a tighter ten, instead of thirteen, track selection, overall Once, Forever And Again is certainly the strongest and most inviting full-length set cut by The See See to date.

The Great Pop Supplement (white vinyl) / Dell’Orso (CD/digital)