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Last Harbour – After The Flatlands

Along with news that a new album is in the works for arrival in 2015 comes the launch of a Last Harbour archive series - via Bandcamp - to help raise funds for imminent record-releasing costs.  Whilst two simultaneously-appearing digital-only live recordings of Manchester shows from 2009 and 2012 provide good quality examples of the group’s better … [Read more...]

Ormonde – Cartographer/Explorer

I listened to Cartographer/Explorer and wondered about exactly how I could write about it. Most of the albums I hear and that I write about lend themselves easily to a review article, but Ormonde have given me something to think about with this release. Right from the first minute or so of opening track "Beach" it's obvious that Robert Gomez and … [Read more...]

Mashup Video from songwriter Mikey Wax

Are you "All About That Shake"? Check out this infectious mashup between the two chart topping hits by Taylor Swift & Meghan Trainor. Mikey Wax has built a promising career for himself as a truly engaging artist who writes catchy original music. These unique songs have been featured on major TV shows like So You Think You Can … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Psych For Sore Eyes 2

It’s been a richly productive and transformative year for Sonic Cathedral.  No longer just an ostensible outpost for those who never forgave Ride for Carnival Of Light or those that kept the faith to enable this year’s Slowdive reunion, the label has broadened its horizons to take in the self-rejuvenating solo works of Luna’s Dean Wareham, the … [Read more...]

Virginia Wing – Measures Of Joy

What a difference some time, self-practice, touring and label support can make.  After embryonic cassette, 7” single and 12” EP releases through Sex Beat, Critical Heights and Faux Discx, respectively, South London’s Virginia Wing at last reach a first full LP staging post via Fire Records. Sounding like a band transformed; from one with a … [Read more...]

Portland, Oregon-Based Shoegazer Country Act Celebrates New Release

Portland, Oregon-based shoegazer country act Hearts of Oak are celebrating the release of their third, and first nationally-distributed full-length New England (Deer Lodge Records). Fronted by singer-songwriter Nate Wallace, Hearts of Oak has been referred to as "a singer-songwriter with a druggy, psychedelic backing band," which is evident on … [Read more...]

Urban folk artist Boz Hayward releases 5th Album

For his fifth album Boz Hayward has produced his most evocative and richly arranged collection of urban folk to date. Again gathering the diverse talents of his Bozchestra, the fourteen songs of Light and Dark range from soaring country-influenced melodies (I’m Coming Home) to sparse, atmosheric odes to the countryside (On A Hayfield Hillside) via … [Read more...]

Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus

Nightbringer has been lurking around for about 15 years now blasting dark, blasphemous black metal across the nether realms.  The group's latest release, Ego Dominus Tuus, on Season of Mist caught my eye and I had to devour this music.  This album marks their fourth full length release to date. Nightbringer invoke a dark, brooding atmosphere and … [Read more...]

Weird Womb – Laziness EP

Nu wave rockers Weird Womb unveiled their EP Laziness at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn with fellow acts The Gondoliers, Slavve and Tape Deck Mountain. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, the band have created a six track album that stands against the “rock/punk is dead” claims, with garage rock tracks like “Tanned Tits” delivering gritty vocals by way of … [Read more...]

New Album from Ewian Christensen and guest artists

Ewian was formed in March, 2013 by German composer Ewian Christensen, who is responsible for lead vocals, piano, sound composition and majority of songwriting. Their latest album, "Good Old Underground", is the result of an international cooperation between Ewian (Bonn, Germany), electronic singer/songwriter Fifi Rong (London), instrumental … [Read more...]