New EP from Marshall Lewis

Marshall Lewis to release Higher Nature EP

Listen to: “Ivory Creek

Marshall Lewis released his debut EP, Higher Nature, on August 26th, 2014 through Highwire Records. Higher Nature comprises of six songs that roam the horizon of indie folk.

Marshall’s love for music was sparked by the musical influence of his older sister, Nicki. Tragically, she passed away when Marshall was beginning high school. Writing then became an avenue for him to cope with this loss and the harshness of her passing. As he got older, writing music developed into a habit and a way to deal with other life questions. “Music has become a close friend,” shares Marshall. “Music tagged along with me as I grew up. Naturally it was inspirational, kept me on track; made me feel like I was building myself again.”

When Marshall was eighteen he began recording, searching for the perfect sound while tracking twenty five songs over the course of a year. It was during this journey that Higher Nature was recorded. The opening track was mastered by TW Walsh and was remixed by Bronze Whale and Ianborg. While Marshall brought in six musicians to add their textures, Marshall tracked most of the instruments, including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ, and banjo.