Memory Drawings – There Is No Perfect Place

Memory Drawings - There Is No Perfect Place

Memory Drawings – There Is No Perfect Place

Following on from 2012’s blink-and-you-missed-it Music For Another Loss long-player for Second Language, comes the second studio set from the Anglo-American outfit Memory Drawings, this time for the Halifax micro-label Hibernate.  Once again built around the core talents of hammered dulcimer connoisseur and percussionist Joel Hanson, violinist Sarah Kemp (Last Harbour, Brave Timbers, Lanterns On The Lake), multi-instrumentalist Richard Adams (Hood, The Declining Winter) and pianist Gareth S Brown (Hood), with help from empathetic guest-players, There Is No Perfect Place is a positive and logical shift forwards.

Whereas Music For Another Loss leaned more heavily on post-classical and dronescape aesthetics, this sequel is a richer, wider and somewhat less austere affair.  This means more animated rhythms (particularly on the gently motorik “The Island Of The Day Before”), further room for Kemp’s always emotive violin lines (especially on the gorgeous “Then And Now” and the yearning Dirty Three-flavoured “Golden Afternoon”), greater space for Brown’s elegant piano presence (notably on the ostensibly-solo “In The House At Midnight”) and a more filmic reach that seems ripe for avian nature documentaries (“Back To The Moment II”) or quality autumnal TV dramas (“Coldstream”).  Happily as well, the limited 10-track bonus disc is no filler freebie; re-exploring the largely instrumental parent album with guest vocal versions, subtle sound-deepening remixes and more radical yet not disrespecting re-workings.

Listening to There Is No Perfect Place as the English summer seems to be slipping away rather too rapidly, it feels like a more than suitable and supportive soundtrack for adjusting to oncoming seasonal mood shifts and longer more contemplative nights.  Don’t let this one pass you by whilst digging out your warmer clothes.