Synthetic ID Release new 7″


Droves of new bands have adopted the post-punk sound, but few bundle its maladjusted spirit, tension and deft use of negative space like San Francisco quartet Synthetic ID.

Eschewing atmospherics and moody dawdling, Synthetic ID is an assertive and fiercely present ensemble. Jake Dudley’s sinuous and trebly guitar riffs are the severe musical focal point, foregrounded by Paul Lucich’s circular bass grooves, while each track is propelled by crisp, eighth-note-centric drum beats. Never saturated or clamorous, the recordings are willfully sparse and dry — a vital element to Synthetic ID’s sound: The clarity and space between each instrument actually maximizes the neurotic mood. All the while, vocalist Nic Lang’s monotonous shout provides an ideal counterpoint to the otherwise seething sounds. While other post-punk groups convey only a vague sense of moodiness, Synthetic ID conjures a distinctly urban sense of alienation. It reflects the restlessness of a world in which buildings become towering predators and commuter crowds signify impending doom.

Track Listing:

Side A:
Random Shocks
Side B:
At An Impasse
Tabula Rasa