Sun Glitters releases Fading Days EP

sun glitters

Sun Glitters return with the four-track EP, Fading Days. “Tell Me, Why You” starts things off with pulsating synths and pitch-shifted vocals working together to create a dream-like haze. “I Tear You Apart” uses side-chain interplay between kick, snare and bass to throw an off-kilter stop-and-go motion against a pitched vocal that is both sweet and unsettling. The title track, “Fading Days” highlights the shoegaze influences in Sun Glitters productions as the track engulfs the listener in a bed of fuzz. “Here It Comes” closes the EP with a wash of buzzing synths and etherial pads. Fading Days is the latest in a string of remarkably consistent releases from Sun Gltters. This EP was also included as the bonus tracks for the Japanese release of the LP, Scattered Into Light.