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Panopticon – Roads to the North

Panopticon have garnered quite a lot of praise in the metal underground as of late and with just cause.  Kentucky, which was released in 2012, seemed to propel the band to a cult-like status, with their blend of atmospheric black metal and folk music.  Roads to the North on Bindrune is the latest from Austin Lunn and his astounding array of guest … [Read more...]

Sun Glitters releases Fading Days EP

Sun Glitters return with the four-track EP, Fading Days. "Tell Me, Why You" starts things off with pulsating synths and pitch-shifted vocals working together to create a dream-like haze. "I Tear You Apart" uses side-chain interplay between kick, snare and bass to throw an off-kilter stop-and-go motion against a pitched vocal that is both sweet and … [Read more...]

Synthetic ID Release new 7″

Droves of new bands have adopted the post-punk sound, but few bundle its maladjusted spirit, tension and deft use of negative space like San Francisco quartet Synthetic ID. Eschewing atmospherics and moody dawdling, Synthetic ID is an assertive and fiercely present ensemble. Jake Dudley's sinuous and trebly guitar riffs are the severe musical … [Read more...]

Paul Weller – More Modern Classics

Sifting through reviews that attempt to categorize Paul Weller’s More Modern Classics, released on Harvest Records  (2014), and halted by jeers from reader receptions that run something like  “this load of waffle left me fucking clueless" and  “stop this pile of piffle and tell us what we'll get for our hard-earned", I do feel pressure to get it … [Read more...]

Interview with Hopscotch

Hi Angela!  It’s so good to touch base with you about your super-fine and super-chill recently released Archer EP and Remixes.  What label is it on and what has the reception to it been like? This project went out 100% for free from no label at all. This one was all about the fans, and for a chance to collaborate with a broad range of other … [Read more...]

After 13 years The Verve Pipe returns with rock album

The Verve Pipe returns after a 13 year absence with the newly released album Overboard.  The album was self-produced on the band's LMNO Pop label and The Verve Pipe brings a renewed energy and focus which has resulted in the band’s most inspired writing and recording to date. The album's first single, “Crash Landing”, hits with soulful lyrics … [Read more...]

Wormwood – Microdot

The only thing I don't quite get about Wormwood is their name. Their music delves into various strands of electronica, into TripHop, Ambient and Dub and while I won't go on about it "wormwood" , whichever meaning of the word the Canadian duo decided is the most accurate for them, suggests something much darker and gloomy than the actual music on … [Read more...]

Dead Native announce new album

Dead Native is a band constantly searching. Formed in early 2012, this four-piece has since been on a manic pace, navigating rock's various soundscapes and beating their way through Chicago’s basements and clubs, ever-evolving their brand of chaotic bliss. With their latest, self-titled release, the quartet of Zach Fox, Blake Jennings, Pete … [Read more...]