New Single from UK space-rock sextet Ex Comets in September


Ex Comets is a brand new band made up of six lost cosmonauts from Leicester, via Groom Lake.  Think a Grandaddy, Pixies, and Fugazi super-group playing live in spacesuits on Paradise Ranch and you’re  somewhere in the right solar system.  This October the band will be making its live debut playing shows with Amazing Snakeheads, Joanna Gruesome, and Cheatahs and with six people on stage it’s sure to be a spectacle to behold.

The band’s debut single “Old Cool Red” has already been championed by indie tastemaking legend John Kennedy on his XFM Xposure radio show.  “Old Cool Red” sounds like Sonic Youth covering Broken Social  scene whilst watching Back to the Future on a commerical flight to the moon. The debut single beams down via Robot Needs Home records on September 22nd. This  will be followed by the sextet’s debut EP Extra Terrestrial Chemistry later in the year.  Round up the Rocketeers –  the transmission begins now.