Dead Native announce new album

dead native

Dead Native is a band constantly searching. Formed in early 2012, this four-piece has since been on a manic pace, navigating rock’s various soundscapes and beating their way through Chicago’s basements and clubs, ever-evolving their brand of chaotic bliss. With their latest, self-titled release, the quartet of Zach Fox, Blake Jennings, Pete Prezzano and Arthur Velez have built eight songs that orbit within the pull of psych, pop, shoegaze, Motorik, and American rock and roll.

After 2013’s EP, Keep It Strange, showcased the band’s ability to write fuzz-drenched garage-psych tunes, Dead Native is a clear leap forward, and one that shows a band working hard to expand their scope while honing their experimental sensibilities. Lyrically, Dead Native take a cosmic approach – with soaring vocal harmonies expounding on topics of the ego and self, leaving the body, corporate imperialism, human love, and ultimately, our absurd existence as a mote of stardust in an oppressively endless universe.

With this forthcoming release, Dead Native expects to cement itself as a definite Chicago forerunner, and looks forward to taking its sound to the Midwest and beyond.

Dead Native – Dead Native  (self-release)
release date: September 2, 2014

Track List:

1. Ego Death
2. The Other Kind
3. Azure Blue
4. Traveling
5. Clean Kill
6. On Your Own
7. Chaos Is Bliss
8. Respite

Sep 02 – Kansas City, MO – RecordBar (record release show)