Dangerous Muse – “Fame Kills” video


Mike Furey has unveiled a ‘spectacular Spectacular’ (to borrow a phrase from Baz Luhrmann’s  Moulin Rouge) for “Fame Kills” under his music project moniker Dangerous Muse.  The original song debuted in 2011 and is a thrillingly epic electro-synth track that is achingly melancholic and dreamily romantic – and totally danceable.  “Fame Kills” surpasses its stylistic tag due to Mike’s wistfully longing vocals, the expansive and propulsive sonics, and the thematically deep reflections on the nature of fame. 

Mike compares the attainment of fame to the sun exploding and where the stars in the sky become “stars in cement” (AKA the Hollywood Walk of Fame).  It’s the story of a woman who is poised to shine in the spotlight and the man who has stood at her side.  He is willing to travel “…through space and time…” to be with this woman on the brink of stardom, but what will her reaction be?  Will she recognize and acknowledge this man or relegate him to the shadows?  In a significant sign of these times, Mike replaces Ian Curtis’s “Love will tear us apart” sentiment with the line “Fame will tear us apart.”


“Fame Kills” has been updated in this version and its sweet and sweeping effervescence has been toned down for a darker take on its subject matter.  It has been reconstructed with added rock guitar riffs, guest vocals from Sandflower, and other tweaks. 

The video for “Fame Kills” is like a disco ball shattering on the dancefloor into scores of mirrored shards – sharp, edgy, and dazzling.  It’s crammed to the gills with vividly stimulating shots and caffeinated editing.  Flash strobe effects and images that flick by in split-second fashion alternate with slower cuts of undulating liquid silver and other visuals.  The video plays like fast ‘n’ furious teaser for a feature-length film (or at least a short film).  The extravaganza on display introduces a woman in red, a man done up all in silver (that would be Mike), a cheerleading fame/death squad, and a made-up master of ceremonies.  The song proper doesn’t start until after the 2-minute mark when a tossed-off tiara sinks to its watery grave. 


Like a Lady Gaga exhibition or a Jean Paul Gaultier runway show, model-types/judges roam the stage in various eye-catching outfits (think feathers and balloon spikes) and pose with round cards painted with X’ed out eyes and clown mouths.  Mike is shown in various stages of torment as the woman seeking fame goes through various hair, make-up, and costume changes.  She finally morphs into a fame monster once she’s judged and given a score of 10. The fantasy of celebrity is becoming a reality for her, but what will happen to the man who has been in her life all this time?  Fame kills, indeed…