Wave Sleep Wave announce album, preview ‘Pico’ on Soundcloud


Wave Sleep Wave are a duo who sound like a gang––Jerry Adler creating harmonically and sonically breathtaking tapestries of guitar sound, punctuated with the urgent, stabbing delivery of first-rate lyrics; and Yuval Lion expertly pouring the rhythmic foundation on which this music stands. It is at once highly conceptual and deeply compelling. Most elements of traditional song structure have been dispensed with in favor of something akin to a snowball rolling down a mountain––gaining weight with each revolution, changing with each inch of diameter added, faithful to its former self while becoming ever and ever more. The music is a constant blending of opposites––arresting beauty mixed with harrowing noise, intricate composition underpinning free improvisation, the major and minor, the consonant and dissonant, the organic and technological, all in coexistence not just on the same album but in almost every moment. For those interested in anything mentioned above, Wave Sleep Wave is a band worth knowing.

Wave Sleep Wave

Never Notice

(Curb Cut Records)
release date: September 9, 2014

listen to ‘Pico’ by Wave Sleep Wave