TAPES shares “Waiting”


TAPES was conceived as a creative release from the monotony of daily life. In 2011, the mysterious producer left his hometown of Knoxville for an internship opportunity in San Francisco. In the following summer, he fell off the grid to write expansive, blissed-out soundscapes that stimulated his TAPES project. The sound of TAPES is elusive and mood-based, blanketed in clouds of atmospheric textures and driven by escalating tempos that demonstrate the powerful relationship between tension and release. Locking down shape-shifting beats and warping them into full-blown stunners, TAPES’ approach clearly defines his output: to alter the way people perceive sounds. Every beat, every thought, every move he makes is a direct correlation of his ambition to re-carve the electronic landscape with fresh, substantial ideas. After releasing two EP’s in 2013, TAPES is currently at work preparing his first full-length album for a release sometime in 2014; a set of songs to illustrate a stage of personal growth and reflection while he battles with the uncertainty of the future.