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Purmamarca release ‘No Battles’ single

Purmamarca is a Brooklyn, NY based band formed by Ryan Henry in early 2012. Since then, Henry has been joined by Hannah D'Amato and Brian Bishop as the core members of the group. The trio trade off on guitars, synths, drums and continue to work with an eclectic array of collaborators. Their debut record, Summer Air // Night, was recorded in … [Read more...]

Chris Catalena and the Native Americans – Here Comes The Time

Chris Catalena has some interesting and talented friends to call on. The first musician actually from Austin, TX whose music I've had the opportunity to listen to and review, he must be aware that having Rob Campanella of the Brian Jonestown Massacre as main producer of his album will inevitably raise expectations amongst potential listeners. … [Read more...]

Highwire Records re-releases Album from Kazyak

"Pieces of My Map": Highwire Records will re-release Kazyak’s See the Forest, See the Trees EP today. Kazyak, led by Minneapolis native and craftsman Peter Frey, has shared the stage with many; including LA indie rockers The Local Natives and Duluth-based Trampled by … [Read more...]

Previously unreleased music from glam-rock pioneer Jobriath out now

Jobriath - "As the River Flows" - Previously Unreleased Recordings Out Now ESCHATONE RECORDS RELEASES ALBUM OF UNRELEASED MUSIC BY GLAM-ROCK PIONEER, JOBRIATH As the River Flows out now in CD, limited edition vinyl and digital formats Stream Album at His last studio … [Read more...]

Guest Review by Mark Lesseraux: Kyle Bobby Dunn – Kyle Bobby Dunn & The Infinite Sadness

For nearly 12 years now Kyle Bobby Dunn has been consistently creating some of the most poignant, powerful ambient drone music on the planet.  Kyle Bobby Dunn's 2014 release Kyle Bobby Dunn and The Infinite Sadness does not break from that consistency, though it does feature a shift toward shorter composition lengths. This shift is not a bad thing … [Read more...]

Ray Gibson – Fishing Muddy Puddles

I realize it's a bit dated now, but my hunch is that when Ray Gibson's  Fishing Muddy Puddles released in 2012, it didn't make much of a splash stateside.   And as far as puddles go - engaging, muddy, gritty, splashy good fun all around; I think we may have missed out.  The good news then is that there is more Ray Gibson and company due out later … [Read more...]

Interview with Flowers

Hello Rachel!  It’s such a delight to catch you at this moment in time while you’re preparing for your debut album release this fall.   You’ve had the good fortune of being noticed online where you posted some of your demos early on, which led to touring Europe with the Pains of Being Pure at Heart.   Was it a shock to go from studio (Well, … [Read more...]

Vocalist Geoff Rickly And Former Lostprophets Members Form No Devotion

Brooklyn-based label Collect Records is pleased to announce the debut single from its first signing No Devotion, the new indie-rock endeavor fronted by former Thursday and United Nations vocalist Geoff Rickly that also includes the remaining members of the former UK multi-platinum-selling band Lostprophets. Debuting its new song on, … [Read more...]

The Chills – “Molten Gold” b/w “Pink Frost 13″ (7” single)

With such a sprawling and hard-to-acquire back catalogue, it’s somewhat difficult to find an easy entry point into the work of The Chills, especially for us non-New Zealand dwellers belatedly interested in the recently reactivated group led by the mercurial Martin Phillipps.  Although last year’s expansive Somewhere Beautiful live album certainly … [Read more...]

Friendly Faux – “Three Lefts”

Ohio is very much the opposite of the desert valley wonderland of California and Arizona. Columbus based band Friendly Faux may not be looking to change that, but their song “Three Lefts” is more Blues for the Red Sun than Bee Thousand or The Big Come Up, to name some of Ohio’s more well-known acts. Coming from their recent EP of the same name, … [Read more...]