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30km Inland – Stolen Shore Lines

Whilst this Anglo-Spanish enterprise has snuck out a clutch of compilation tracks over the last few years, this is the first full-length outing for the hard-to-file-alphabetically 30km Inland.  Cut by the combined skills of lead arranger/multi-instrumentalist Xavier Martí (Mudo, Continental Film Night), multi-instrumentalist/mixer David Sheppard … [Read more...]

New EP with remixes from Hopscotch out now

Hopscotch’s “Archer EP & Remixes” available now - Los Angeles-based Angela LaBaw also collaborates with Dimond Saints for “Satisfaction” remix Official Video for "Black & White Horses": Hopscotch is the latest creative voice of Angela LaBaw, a Los Angeles-based voice artist, producer, and … [Read more...]

New Album from Emma Ruth Rundle out now

EMMA RUTH RUNDLE'S SOME HEAVY OCEAN - Debut Solo Album Available Now from Sargent House Some Heavy Ocean is out on CD, LP and Digital formats from Sargent House and is a collection of impassioned, cathartic songs exorcising the ghosts of one of life’s dark detours. Emma Ruth Rundle got her start in 2007 when she assembled the … [Read more...]

Book: No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: An Oral History of the Legendary City Gardens

Through numerous interviews and entertaining details, Amy Yates Wuelfing and Steve DiLodovico have brought to life the history of the storied music club City Gardens, which existed in the ‘middle of nowhere’ in New Jersey in the 1980s to mid-1990s.  This “cement box” (description courtesy of Mickey Ween) located in Trenton hosted a veritable Who’s … [Read more...]

Future Islands – Singles

If for whatever reason the sweeping beauty of something as gripping as “Tin Man” wasn’t enough, or if even the lifting, gently layered stroll of “Before the Bridge” didn’t do it, it always seemed as if something like Singles was tucked deep inside Future Islands’ arsenal. The pop-driven journey of “Long Flight” sounds like prime foreshadowing when … [Read more...]

City Walls Autumn Falls shares new Single

City Walls Autumn Falls announce debut LP; share first track from June 24 release - "Sheltered Me" embed / download On Factory, City Walls Autumn Falls wanted to record the album themselves, having been especially inspired by Bob Dylan's live recording process. Some doubters advised against it, calling them crazy for having no prior recording … [Read more...]

P.J. Philipson – Peaks

Already active in the left-field Manchester music scene through his work with Starless & Bible Black, The Woodbine & Ivy Band and Nancy Elizabeth, Peaks is guitarist and producer P.J. Philipson’s debut solo release.  Acting as a stylistic break from his past and recorded with just stereo-delayed electric guitar and two simultaneously … [Read more...]

Wild Beasts – Present Tense

After a relentless pace that witnessed Wild Beasts release three albums in four years, the English quartet opted to utilize a more direct approach on their newest album, Present Tense. Allowing for a completely novel presence with song crafting, the band sounds dynamically vivid on an impressive effort that is meant for both the darkly lit, … [Read more...]

New Video and Album from Trentemøller

TRENTEMØLLER SHARES ANDREAS EMENIUS-DIRECTED VIDEO FOR "DECIEVE" GUEST VOCALS ON "DECEIVE" FROM SUNE ROSE WAGNER OF THE RAVEONETTES TRENTEMØLLER'S DECEIVE EP OUT NOW ON IN MY ROOM VIDEO: "Deceive" / YouTube Taken from the new studio album Lost by Trentemøller, "Deceive" is the fourth single and features Sune Rose Wagner from the … [Read more...]

Fifth Album from The Capsules out now

THE CAPSULES - THE LONG GOODBYE / OUT Now The Long Goodbye and Video for "Super Symmetry": The Capsules unveil their most uniquely captivating and bracing adventure yet. The ability to transport your imagination into … [Read more...]