Eat Lights Become Lights – Into Forever

Eat Lights Become Lights - Into Forever

Eat Lights Become Lights – Into Forever

A year can be a long time for super-prolific latter-day kosmische disciples.  And the last 12 months have certainly seen a seemingly inexhaustible supply of such purveyors’ wares (especially through The Great Pop Supplement’s sister label Deep Distance, which has slipped out some seriously salivating and collectible releases from the likes of Melodien, Samantha Glass and Tim’s Gane post-Stereolab outfit Cavern Of Anti-Matter) to keep the Germanic grooves rolling with a never-ending motorik pulse.  Perhaps feeling a sense of healthy competition, Neil Rudd returns with another Eat Light Become Lights LP, only 10 or so months after the justifiably-lauded Modular Living.

Initially however, Into Forever – the fourth ELBL album – feels a little too rapidly despatched.  With the shaky start of “Velocet Vir Nesat” Rudd falls backwards into the somewhat harsh and overdriven aesthetics of his 2011 Autopia debut, with sharp canon-fire snare drum sounds and nauseous walls of fuzz.  Thankfully though, the album soon reverts to the more measured dynamics of its immediate prequel, whilst adding extra dimensions to the ELBL sound.  Hence, in the more contemplative tranches of the collection you’ll find the beatific “Bounce Synth” reaching back into the warmest areas of Modular Living whilst appending some glistening Steve Reichian repetitions, the plaintive “Vapour Trails” bringing forth more organic electro-acoustic instrumental layers and the utterly gorgeous title-track closing the album through rich seams of Snow Palms-like percussion and soothing symphonic synth swells.  In the remaining and busier areas, Into Forever performs well too; with the burbling shimmer of “Time Enough,” the bass-throbbing propulsion of “Shapes And Patterns” and the dark Vangelis-meets-Tangerine Dream cinematics of “You Are Disko.”

Ultimately, although Into Forever might not quite hit the same consistent heights as the meticulously-crafted Modular Living, it’s still a respectable and forward moving addition to the Eat Light Become Lights canon in own right.  Existing fans should pick it up with little or no hesitation.

Rocket Girl (CD/download) / The Great Pop Supplement (silver vinyl with limited bonus remix LP)