DulceSky – “Soul Vampire”

DulceSky - "Soul Vampire"

DulceSky – “Soul Vampire”

Long-running dream-rock band DulceSky, led by Oliver Valenzuela, made its mark with the albums Lands (2006) and Invisible Empire (2010) and returns with the winning single “Soul Vampire”.  The song’s lyrics may be spare and bleak, but Oliver’s vocals are lush and smooth and the sonics are propulsive. 

“Soul Vampire” opens with tight and hard-picked guitar ring until crashing cymbals join in, mimicking a storm-tossed sea.  A steadily thumped beat surges and then dissipates into a drifting lull that’s punctured by the sharp snap of tambourine and brief reverb guitar twangs.  Oliver’s calmly melancholic vocals float by like gently extended waves gliding over the shoreline.

 The tempo picks up again with jags of electric guitar and emphatically-hit drums before dropping into another measured lull.  Oliver’s rich timbre caresses the ear like a palm frond softly swaying on a tropical island.   Swift tambourine strikes and chiming guitar notes sweep in and Oliver’s vocals turn more urgent, as he exclaims “You spend all your time / trying to get back at me.”  The cyclic guitar refrain intensifies to a higher register against the dynamic churn of cymbals and drums upheaval.