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Recent Album from Germany’s Tripping Light Fantastic

Tripping The Light Fantastic is a pop/rock/music group from Hamburg, Germany. While some of them loosely assembled as early as 2001, it took the girls and guys a few years to trip the light fantastic. Since then they have released several 7'' records on labels in the U.S.(Cloudberry), the U.K.(Dufflecoat) and Germany (All Rock and Roll Speeds Up). … [Read more...]

Dean Wareham – self-titled

Following speedily on from last year’s sublime mini-LP, Emancipated Hearts, Dean Wareham carries on solo trading with the first self-monikered full-length set of his continuously enlightening post-Luna career.  Those expecting the album to be an overtly rocking reaction to the intricate and pensive Emancipated Hearts - particularly with My Morning … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Alcest – Shelter The French, post-black metal duo of Neige and Winterhalter has released its 4th studio album and it’s a shoegazer genre-inspired beauty that cuts ties with Alcest’s original post-black metal sound.  Gone are the occasional rapid-fire drum beats, slicing edge of the metal guitar blade, and Neige’s sometimes shouted out vocals.  … [Read more...]

New Album from Brooklyn band Snowmine

Album Teaser: Brooklyn quintet Snowmine don't just want to create music that you hear, but that you feel.  That feeling is front and center, filling out all corners of Dialectsout February 4, 2014 on the band's own Mystery Buildings  imprint. From the band: "there are no foreign samples on this album.  … [Read more...]

The Auteurs – New Wave / Baader Meinhof – self-titled (reissues)

With the current early-‘90s revival creeping into the music world, intriguingly there is a fairly even geographical split between twenty or so year old influences being expressed by new artists and original period recordings being retrieved for reappraisal.  Putting the renewed transatlantic interest in shoegaze aside, whilst you can feel the love … [Read more...]

Marty McKay – Sin’s Disciple

One of the more interesting releases this year comes Zurich based concept artist Marty McKay whose album Sin’s Disciple is accompanied by a graphic novel, collectively called Project 7. It is an epic undertaking that took McKay years to piece together. The self-proclaimed ‘pop impresario’ comes within an ear shot of that proclamation with his … [Read more...]

Windbruch – No Stars, Only Full Dark

Hailing from the icy hinterlands of Russia, WindBruch offer No Stars, Only Full Dark on hypnotic Dirge Records; an interesting, yet intriguing take on Depressive Black Metal.  Windbruch is the brainchild of sole member Illuzi Optice.  One man bands continue to pique my interest and this one certainly warranted a closer inspection. The tag of … [Read more...]

Debut EP from super indie group Kimono Kult

The hazy horizon of Los Angeles. Since it proves perpetually unpredictable, it is not odd when one finds their co-conspirators in disparate locales, often smoothing out the vague and jagged status quos that are only a figment of our own minds anyway. Enter Kimono Kult, who’s initiates include current and ex- members of Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili … [Read more...]

The See See – Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights (compilation)

Being one of the few 'living and active' bands signed to the discerning reissue-centric Sundazed label is an unquestionable honour for The See See, the London-based ensemble led by Richard Olson (formerly of The Eighteenth Day Of May) that has released a stream of sought-after 7” singles and two albums since 2008, via mainly UK routes.  After just … [Read more...]

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light – Self-titled

The members of Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! dragged themselves from their native New York to the other side of the country in LA to record their self-titled full-length album with John Fields, producer of artists the likes of P!nk, Switchfoot and The Presets, and the result is a polished record full of dance worthy hooks. "I Sold My Soul", a … [Read more...]