Warpaint – S/T

Warpaint - S/T

Warpaint – S/T

Los Angeles based Warpaint have released their self-titled third album, produced by post punk revivalist Mark Ellis aka Flood and mixed by Nigel Godrich.

The gang (girls in the group, boys behind the board) waste no time, diving into the brooding material with reckless abandon. The results are usually very easy on the ears and often a huge advancement from their 2010 breakthrough The Fool. As the act has gained popularity, the venues they have played have gotten bigger, and so follows, so has their sound.

The tracks on Warpaint implore a wonderful push and pull, with the magnetic drumming opening up the soundscape only to fall into a syncopated kick pattern to leave room for the wandering vocal lines. The pulsing break beat of “Hi” accentuates the Bjork-like sound lead singer Emily Kokal effortlessly sets in motion. The most compelling track, “Disco//Very” finds the all-female group singing in unison like some kind of demented Harlem choir.

There is an air of mystery to this release, leaving one hard pressed to pin down a composition that even somewhat resembles a normal pop structure. In an era of over packaged nonsense, Warpaint’s flighty musical meandering often work for them. They have indeed created an album that is ultimately rewarding and full of musical promise. A haunting canvas of whispered dynamics, slugging drums and emotionally-driven lyrics.