Debut Album from German band Young Hare out in March

German band YOUNG HARE have their debut album coming out on March 15th 2014, co-released between Altin Village & Mine Records and unbreakmyheart records. It is called ‘Unbreak My Heart’ and will be released on LP, CD and will also be available as Digital Download.

Young Hare is Marc Krause and Martin Pfanzer from Frankfurt am Main. They play as a so-called 2-piece, named after the Wikipedia featured article of the day. In three-year history of the band, they have tried out a huge amount. The instrumentation changed, new recording techniques developed, and an unconventional live set evolved. Their first four track demo tape “Pick a fruit” was sold out so fast that they forgot to keep one for themselves. Shortly thereafter followed 12” and a split 12” with the band Bdybldng from Berlin. Young Hare recorded their album between May and October 2013.

“Unbreak My Heart” sounds like a studio record which wasn’t produced in the studio. Recording took place in practice rooms as well as art studios at “basis” in Frankfurt, and then mixed in living rooms. Andreas “Lupo” Lubich / Calyx Berlin did the analogue mastering, as he has done on the last releases. The band and the sound engineer took their time to make decisions that gave the record a special sound signature.Young Hare owe their influence to the Frankfurt electronic culture. With approaches coming from House, R&B, and Disco, the current goal of the band is to find a new idea of pop music without sounding overly-pleasing.