Spectres – “The Sky Of All Places” b/w “Sooky Eyeball”

Spectres - "The Sky Of All Places" b/w "Sooky Eyeball"

Spectres – “The Sky Of All Places” b/w “Sooky Eyeball”

With a debut full-length long-player from Bristol’s Spectres still in the works, along comes another short-form stepping-stone release, in the shape of this one-off 7” for the Too Pure Singles Club.  Pressed on nauseous yellow-green vinyl and presented in a reliably grisly yet playful sleeve, this two-track affair distils the two main sides of the Spectres sound as a calling card to the wider world beyond the band’s flourishing Howling Owl Records-led community .

Hence, the elevating A-side represents the more expansive dronescaping flank of the Spectres noise offensive.  Picking-up the baton from prior works such as “Threshing Machine” (from the band’s Hunger EP) and “Where Youth?” (found on last year’s Howling Owl Record Store Day 12” EP), “The Sky Of All Places” rolls into earshot with the foursome’s more nuanced and hazier side leading the way, whilst still steadily piling-up layers of guitar lava over its duration.  Contrastingly, the flipside of “Sooky Eyeball” carries over the straight-for-jugular noise brutality of the recent “Lump” (one side of a split 10” with The Naturals), with an intensity seemingly destined to rupture your average record deck’s needle after just a few spins.

Again, fans of mid-80s Sonic Youth, early-90s Swervedriver and latter-day tinnitus-inducing My Bloody Valentine live shows will be blissfully at home here in the unbridled amp-melting zeal.  Certainly though, the more subtle stratums of the Spectres sound, hinted at within the lead track, are also worthy of deeper exploration when the foursome’s full-length LP is wrapped-up for release later this year.  Until then though, this single soars and shreds with an impressively tenacious vision.

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