Q&A with Traams


Traams drummer Adam stopped what he was doing for a couple of minutes to answer a few questions.

Some mention has been made about Traams coming from Chichester, which people that don’t know the area seem to think is a quaint country village with one pub and no buses on Sundays. I lived on the south coast for several years and so won’t go making statements about how bands from smaller towns are supposed to sound. What do you think of these of comments? And can you give some background as to how Traams formed?

That’s not far off. Chichester is a quaint city, with a bunch of pubs. It suits us though. I think people assume naivety when they hear that we’re from Chichester. We’ve all seen and lived in the big wide world, we just like it here. Originally were all from Bognor Regis, make of that what you will. A long time ago, me (Adam, drummer) and Padley (bass) used to be in another band, and we used to play a club night that Stuart (guitar vocals) used to put on. Padley went off to uni in Huddersfield and Stu asked if I fancied starting a band with him. We tried that for a bit. Then Padley came back, and we had a band.

You describe yourselves as being influenced by McFly and Television. One of these is a Top 40 pop group while the other is one of the most influential guitar bands of recent history. How do these influences work in your music?

Television, definitely! But I don’t think any of us have ever been influenced by Mcfly. We love Mclusky though. Influences are a weird one. It’s all quite subconscious. It’s nice when people point out artist that we remind them of, and we’re fans of that artist. I guess that’s how it works. The more you enjoy and listen to an album, the more of an effect it has on you. It’s like having similar traits to your best friend.

I thought I could hear something of Hard-Fi in your music. Am I right about this?

Maybe? They’re not our cup of tea really. I dunno, maybe Padley or Stu have been listening to a butt load of Hard Fi and Mcfly on the sly.

You recently toured in Europe with Wire. Are they an influence? What sort of an experience was it for you?

Yeah, Wire are definitely an influence. The first show we ever went to as a band was a Wire show, in Brighton. The tour was great. It was just the three of us in a van for 8 days driving around Europe, playing shows every night with an iconic band. What more could you ask for? Maybe a driver…?

What other bands do you rate / would tour with?

Theo Verney, Fat White Family, Mazes, Paws, Esben and the Witch, Drenge, Boneyards, Brown Brogues, Menace Beach, Wolf People, Vision Fortune, Hookworms, Mount Kimbie, Thee Oh Sees, Fuzz, Forest Swords.

What other ideas influence you – books/films/other stuff?

Kurt Vonnegut, dogs, New Scientist, Nickelodeon, cats, Kevin Costner movies, Ennio Morricone.

Any plans to visit the US?

Yes. March for SXSW, and a couple of tours hopefully. We’re not sure where yet, but we’re incredibly excited about it.

Any other future plans?

More Touring, more recording.

Traams’ album Grin is available on Fat Cat records.