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Recent Release from Singer-Songwriter Star Anna

"For Anyone": Star Anna's latest, Go To Hell (Spark & Shine Records), is a dark, haunting collection of songs that capture the essence of betrayal, regret, and hope, Go To Hell delivers melodic, soaring folk-rock with an Americana heart, best described as Americana-soul, and … [Read more...]

Howe Gelb – Little Sand Box (boxset)

Having performed the herculean task of bringing the near-entirety of Giant Sand’s core catalogue back into print since 2010, Fire Records now has the somewhat trickier task of sorting out the rest of Howe Gelb’s labyrinthine discography.  Whilst side-projects such as The Band Of Blacky Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator patiently wait their … [Read more...]

Album from Pantaleimon AKA Andria Degens out now

The Butterfly Ate The Pearl is  the fifth album from England’s “Pantaleimon” aka Andria Degens, a somewhat  idiosyncratic, self-taught, intuitive multi-instrumentalist , singer and  songwriter; the new album features nine new original tracks including the  download video singles “If I (Was)” ( and “Ember.” … [Read more...]

Q&A with Traams

Traams drummer Adam stopped what he was doing for a couple of minutes to answer a few questions. Some mention has been made about Traams coming from Chichester, which people that don't know the area seem to think is a quaint country village with one pub and no buses on Sundays. I lived on the south coast for several years and so won't go making … [Read more...]

New Single and Album from Victoria and Jacob

Victoria and Jacob return with another single from their self-titled debut album, out on Fika Recordings and WIAIWYA now. “Theia Mania” is the opening track, draws in the listener with a glistening melody with sparkling arrangements and glittering vocals. Victoria and Jacob create a lush … [Read more...]

She & Him – Capitol Studios Session EP

Hollywood’s iconic Capitol Studios is the focal point of a new digital EP from She & Him. The Capitol Studios Session is a mini compilation, highlighting Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s Volume 3 album, which came out earlier this year.  The duo brought their entire touring band to Capitol in hopes to capture a sound that is reflective of their … [Read more...]

Interview with New Politicians

Heya Renal, Gian, Winston, and Chris!  It’s so cool to have this opportunity to ask you all a bunch of questions about your post-punk sound, new EP Drag A City, and how your musical future is shaping up.  How is everything going for you right now? Hey Jen, we’re excited for the opportunity as well. Everything is going well in our camp. We’ve … [Read more...]

Talulah Gosh – Was It Just A Dream? (compilation)

For those who took sides in the indie wars of the ‘80s, Talulah Gosh will either be remembered for aggravated tweeness or revered as guitar-pop pioneers, having been at the vanguard of the C86 movement.  Yet time has come to put aside such tribal mores and just listen to the group’s output on its own merits, with the help of this comprehensive … [Read more...]

New Single and Video from Sweet Soubrette Glittering glamour meets bad communication in Sweet Soubrette's soul-inspired disco-pop number "Be My Man," which takes on love, longing, light bondage, and the things we just can't talk about. "Be My Man" shows off the lush sound of Brooklyn indie rockers Sweet Soubrette, featuring front woman Ellia Bisker's … [Read more...]

Black Hearted Brother – Stars Are Our Home

There isn't any way I can write about Black Hearted Brother without mentioning Slowdive. Neil Halstead was the prime mover in the various Slowdive line ups and Stars Are Our Home is a quite definite continuation of what Slowdive set out to achieve. And if Just For A Day and Souvlaki received less than glowing receptions from the music press of the … [Read more...]