Mai Mai Mai – Theta

Mai Mai Mai - Theta

Mai Mai Mai – Theta

This album has raised something of a discussion and the question about Theta is, “what exactly is the most interesting thing about it as an album?” There is the fact that it was recorded in Italy and mixed in Los Angeles by sometime Xiu Xiu associate Jamie Stewart. It should also be mentioned that it is available as a limited edition vinyl release of 300 copies. Then there is its creator, of whom little is known except that Toni C (the name he prefers to use) is also a member of two other bands – Hiroshima Rocks Around and Trouble Vs Glue, runs his own No-Fi record label and—as if all this weren’t enough—also runs the Dal Verme club, which you should make a part of your itinerary if visiting Rome anytime soon.

But what, I hear someone asking, about the music? Well, if you like your electronica atonal, resembling a formless low frequency collision between two laptops and a partially deactivated Korg synth (one of the ones with a lot of cable inputs) plus occasional interjections from an ATM machine, then you’re going to like Theta a lot. The album may appear on the Boring Machines label, but they really should change their name to Interesting Machines, and soon.

It is notable that the publicity for Theta is leading with the album’s last track “Telos”, the only track on the album that could have a vocal added to it without very much difficulty. The other five tracks are varied experiments in tone generation and pure noise, pieces which could work as soundtracking to a low budget sci-fi film, or similar, and while those listeners with active interests in electronica are definitely going to find something of interest in Theta, others may wonder exactly what it’s all about. You may want a vinyl copy for its sleeve art alone. It’s also an idea to take a look around the rest of the Boring Machines label.

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