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The Age Of Not Believing – Lantern Waste EP

Named in reference to C S Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles, this somewhat mysterious new collective, marshalled by the wide-eyed Ben Eshmade, makes its debut release with a 5-track suite that gives an impressive insight into a refreshingly intimate yet epic musical world.  Delivered by an orchestra-sized cast, capable of both up-close serenity and … [Read more...]

New Video and Album from Guillermo Sexo

Dark Spring, by Guillermo Sexo, has been gaining quite a bit of attention and the band has been backing up the hype up and down the east coast with a live set that slays. Check out the video for, “Fall Lens,” which premiered on Vanyaland recently prior to their Paradise show with Sky Ferreira and Smith … [Read more...]

New Video and Album from Foreign Talks

Foreign Talks and their label, Portland, Oregon-based indie Expunged Records, have released the first video for a song off their debut, self-titled full-length, for the track "The Spell."  The video is public now and can be viewed at: Some may compare them to the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and … [Read more...]

Callow – Blue Spells

When you consider the word callow contains both negative connotation and dictation, it’s unsurprising that leadman Red Moses and Sami Knowles would combine to name their outfit Callow. Their brand of music is unforgiving: a channeling of emotions that are ingrained into the seams of every single chord. Opener “Strange” bellows with a call to arms … [Read more...]

Misteur Valaire – Bellevue

Those of you with reasonably long memories, ones that stretch back as far as the mid 1980s, will perhaps recall that amongst the glossy pop rock, goth punk and assorted MTV-led soft drinks anthems, a new musical instrument was making its presence known to the music listeners of 25 years ago : the sampler. It's taken for granted today that anyone's … [Read more...]

New Video from rock band Mean Creek

From Solid Gold Records: Mean Creek hail from Boston and their latest album, Local Losers (due out February 18th), is eight tracks  of high energy rock and roll influenced by Massachusetts bands who also embraced punk inspired rock music:  Mission of Burma, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. and The Lemonheads.  Their recordings are a high energy  assault … [Read more...]

Crystal Antlers – Nothing is Real

From their inception Crystal Antlers has always been a band indebted to a wall of sound that while vast, was always purposeful. They padded this wall with organs, horns and percussion that fed to their psychedelic tendencies with great ease. Through their first two releases their sound was various parts rock with pop hooks and that great DIY, … [Read more...]

Wilder Maker session on BreakThru Radio

Check out the most recent live studio session of Serious Business on BreakThru Radio. The band Wilder Maker was recently in the BTR studio. The video includes a few songs and an interview. The band also plays some of the songs from their new album which is out now. Watch on Blip or … [Read more...]

Mabel Joy – Wish I Was (reissue)

With hindsight it was perhaps inevitable that this one-off long-player from Mabel Joy got thoroughly lost at the time of its original 1993 release.  Amidst the amplified musical sects of the early-‘90s, a collection of acoustically-driven pop symphonies from a British band in thrall to stately late-‘60s/early-‘70s American singer-songwriters and … [Read more...]

Mai Mai Mai – Theta

This album has raised something of a discussion and the question about Theta is, "what exactly is the most interesting thing about it as an album?" There is the fact that it was recorded in Italy and mixed in Los Angeles by sometime Xiu Xiu associate Jamie Stewart. It should also be mentioned that it is available as a limited edition vinyl release … [Read more...]