Rockabilly songstress Kim Lenz releases 4th Album

Los Angeles-based rockabilly-roots musician Kim Lenz to release “Follow Me” album about the break-up with the life she once knew.

Los Angeles-based musician Kim Lenz has been cultivating her take on rockabilly since 1998, releasing three albums, including a pair for Hightone Records – one of the most influential labels in the genre – and playing hundreds of dates around the world.  Already a recognized force on the roots music scene, Lenz is now poised for a breakthrough with her upcoming album Follow Me, out now.

Follow Me is a bit of a departure for Lenz in that its lyrics deal with matters that she has yet to touch on in her songs, and that are atypical of the genre in general.  Following the release of 2009’s It’s All True, and that album’s subsequent tour, Lenz suffered a series of personal setbacks.  Discovering that she was adopted, and that her family had kept it secret all of her life opened up a flood of terrible memories for Lenz to sort through and come to terms with. At the same time, she also lost her friend and bandmate, Nick Curran to cancer.

“Some people have asked me if this is a break-up record,” she says of Follow Me and the life events that informed it.  “Well, I guess it is. It’s about the breakup of the life I had known. I’d always been a fiercely independent woman, but I was really just trying to protect myself.  What I’ve gone through has ultimately made me stronger, though – real strength.”