Philadelphia-based Chris Zurich drops debut album

Chris Zurich’s music is an accurate representation of his impassioned mission statement, “creating a sound that doesn’t exclude highlights from any genre, a fusion that is designed to connect people or groups that wouldn’t naturally collide.”
Black Ink, tastefully marries prog rock and ripe soul, tearing down typecasts of the indie mold. Alternating between melancholy moods and entrancing electronica, the record has an ornate lulling effect, gracefully snapping listeners back from hypnosis with his commanding, and most basic instrument, his lauded voice.Loyal to all parts of the production process, Chris named the album Black Ink, a reference to the defensive ink a squid produces when it’s under siege, and since this is Chris Zurich’s debut release, the imagery is a metaphor for the exposition and struggle of willfully revealing aspects of yourself to those around you for the first time.

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