Kurt Vile & Sore Eros – Jamaican Plain EP

Kurt Vile & Sore Eros - Jamaican Plains EP

Kurt Vile & Sore Eros – Jamaican Plains EP

Kurt Vile & Sore Eros’ new EP, Jamaica Plain, takes its name from the Boston town in Massachusetts, where it was recorded, referred to in the 19th century as “the Eden of America.”

Though the EP is basically a sound collage, it is built on solid foundation of analog production that is naturally warm and evocative, hissing its way through the charming three song set. The abstract landscapes live and breathe within the six-minute experiments, somehow managing to make sense with the abrupt edits and naïve singing only enhancing its non-linear esthetic.

The boys have given the album their own ‘heady’ explanation, contextualizing it by the certain geographical references in the lyrics. The title tracks melancholy twang reflects the earthy expanse of that particular part of America, while the glowing mellotrons on “Serum” wash around in the dreary tones of the Midwest. The final song “Calling Out To Work” is possibly the most down to earth recording here, with the pulsing synths finally giving way to a predictable wave of feedback.

This is definitely an avant-garde record that is in no rush to prove itself. It is refreshing to meander through the songs without any clear lines to cling onto or boxes to fit it in. The intention behind Jamaica Plain was to capture a place and time and Kurt Vile & Sore Eros have certainly succeeded in transferring that energy to tape.