Colleen – Solar/Stellar remix EP

Colleen - Solar/Stellar remix EP

Colleen – Solar/Stellar remix EP

With its elastic polyrhythms and spacious production values, Colleen’s excellent The Weighing Of The Heart album has been ripe for remixing possibilities ever since its release earlier this year.  In fact, the main surprise surrounding the release of this digital-only three-track remix EP is that took so long to appear.  Thankfully though, the results more than justify the wait.

The opening extended reworking of “Breaking Up The Earth” from The Home Current (the increasingly omnipresent musical alias of Second Language co-founder Martin Holm) is worth the modest admission price and download time alone.  Taking the original’s West African-influenced rhythm bed and Cécile Schott’s breathy vocals on a journey through rubberised Tortoise bass lines, Four Tet’s most propulsive grooves and the atmospheric shades of Nick Cave’s “The Carny,” Holm has radically remoulded Colleen’s latter-day muse without losing the elemental essence in the process.

Although the two subsequent reworkings from Comma Period don’t have such a soaring presence, they are still suitably impressive.  The recalibration of “Moonlit Sky” from a Steve Reich-imbued chamber music piece into a ghostly yet warm layered ambient affair is deliciously effective and the serene vocal-manipulation and dronescape remapping of “Ursa Major Find” will please vintage 4AD connoisseurs.

Collectively, this trio of remixes both remind us of the intrinsic self-contained magic of The Weighing Of The Heart as well as its open-ended possibilities.  A full-length physical release of remixes (perhaps also including a studio version of Colleen’s recent live cover of Walter Schumann’s “Pearl’s Dream”) would be most welcome.

Second Language (via Boomkat)