New Album from Starlings, TN in November

Austin’s Starlings, TN teams up with Converse to re-record two of the band’s decade-old classics.

 Two-song single is prelude to band’s seventh album “All The Good Times,” out November 11th.

“The Cumberland”:

Austin-based country-roots artist, Starlings, TN (pronounced “Starlings, Tennessee”), has re-recorded “Forbidden Fruit Makes a Sticky Jam” and “The Cumberland,” two songs from the band’s masterful 2004 album Between Hell and Baton Rouge.

“We wanted to give these two songs a new breath of life,” says Stubblefield, who chose the songs because the updated arrangements incorporate current Starlings, TN band members Bryan Robison and Mitch Vandenberg in ways that resulted in vastly different versions than those recorded a decade ago.

 The Starlings, TN two-song single “Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions” is out now.  The new Starlings, TN full-length album All The Good Times will be released on November 11th.